Atm Paper Roll Manufacturers

At Pulp Rolls, you can shop for High-Quality ATM Receipt Paper Rolls which are being used at ATM’s for the transaction receipts. It comes with Black markers which helps the machine to scan and dispense the receipts easily. These soft, smooth Atm Receipt Rolls are made from Thermal Papers & its surface is coated with some chemicals that turn out black while heating. These ATM Paper Rolls are easy to maintain and install & it also comes with a protective layer which prevents the print from fading away and gives you a clear & legible print. If you are looking for ATM Rolls, then do let us know your requirements.

80 X 415 ATM ROLL 

If you are looking to Buy ATM Rolls, then choose your requirements from below given tabs. The length for the rolls can be customised as per the requirements, so give us a call and let us know whatever you need.


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80 mm

415 m (It can be customised as per your requirements).


Give us a call, or reach us on Whatsapp if you are facing any issues in making a choice for ATM Rolls & also if you need to customise the length as per your requirement. We always focus on providing best support and High Quality Paper Rolls.