Atm Paper Roll Manufacturers

When one withdraws money from an ATM, he/she looks for a physical account statement to check the available balance. The receipt is important to get after withdrawing money. For this, the important thing is to pay attention to choosing the right type of paper rolls – that are mainly thermal paper rolls – designed and developed by top ATM paper roll manufacturers in India.

We, Pulp Rolls, are the top manufacturer and ATM paper roll suppliers, bringing to you the best quality ATM receipt paper rolls in bulk and at prices that will go well with your budget. We ensure supply direct to your address in the said time frame and in a fully safe and secure way.Such rolls come with black markers to help machines scan and dispense the receipt in an easy way. They are soft, smooth, and easy to use rolls – made of thermal papers and by using chemicals for coating surface to turn out black at the time of heating.

They are easy to maintain and come with a number of added features. Choose the right rolls from the top ATM paper roll manufacturers in India – Pulp Rolls. We supply such rolls nationwide and worldwide.

Choose the right type of rolls as per your requirement, go through the details, and place your order accordingly at the top ATM paper roll suppliers.

80 X 415 ATM ROLL 

If you are looking to Buy ATM Rolls, then choose your requirements from below given tabs. The length for the rolls can be customised as per the requirements, so give us a call and let us know whatever you need.


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80 mm

415 m (It can be customised as per your requirements).


Give us a call, or reach us on Whatsapp if you are facing any issues in making a choice for ATM Rolls & also if you need to customise the length as per your requirement. We always focus on providing best support and High Quality Paper Rolls.