Credit Card Machine Paper Rolls

Premium Quality Credit Card Machine Paper and Swipe Machine Paper Rolls

For store owners and even for all those, who receive money through credit cards from customers, providing physical copies or receipt of transactions is important as a record. They often look for the best quality credit card machine paper to issue physical copies conveniently and in clear print.

If you are one of them looking for the best quality credit card machine paper or searching for similar other types of rolls like swipe machine paper rolls, you have come to the right place – Pulp Rolls. We are the leading paper roll manufacturers, serving our clients for more than 23 years. We bring to you premium quality credit card machine paper, swipe machine paper rolls, and different other types of thermal paper rolls that are durable and easy to print.

They come with different added features. We ensure that the quality and thickness of paper will remain always high quality – mainly to help you print your bills without any issue. We also design customized rolls as per your requirement.

We ensure delivery on time and right to your address insecure way nationwide and worldwide.

57 x 15 Black/ Blue Impression

Shop for our Credit Card Machine Paper Rolls 57 X 15 (Black / Blue Impressions) which can be used with almost credit card machines at most of the retail stores. The product is available in different width & length which you can customise as per your requirements. Please refer the below-given tab for product specifications.


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55 – 57 mm


50 GSM


Give us a call, or reach us on Whatsapp if you are facing any issues in making a choice for Credit Card Machine Rolls & also if you need to customise the Rolls as per your requirement. We always focus on providing the best support and High-Quality Paper Rolls.